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Our Story

Hi! I am Jacquelyn Hiott. I am the Executive Director of Healing Encounters. My husband Jeremy and I have been married 15 years and have five wonderful children, ranging in age from 14 to 5.  We are natives of the Charleston, South Carolina area, and currently reside in Summerville. Jeremy works in software and plays an integral role in the ministry, assisting me as the Operations Director. I am a busy mom and homeschooler who strives to glorify God in everything I do.

Hiott Family Photo

Three years ago, I was at a Father’s Heart “A” School when I heard the Lord say, “Jacquelyn, if you want to be a doctor, you don’t sit and wait for a hospital to call and give you a job, you have to go to medical school. It’s time for you to get ministry training.” Simultaneously, I saw in the air in front of my eyes (like a hologram) a blue and white mountain logo. It was similar to the Paramount logo or the Aquafina logo, yet it was unique. After months of prayer and digging, I discovered Randy Clark’s College of Ministry. It offered certifications in various fields of study including Christian healing. The logo for the healing program was the exact logo I had seen before me in the vision. I enrolled immediately and it changed my life irrevocably.

I have been wrecked by the awesome power and wonderful presence and power of God! 

The ministry was birthed as I completed the Christian Healing Certification Program at Global Awakening College of Ministry. After years of serving as a healing prayer minister, seeing lives changed by the healing power of Jesus, I felt the Lord giving me an assignment to gather with other Jesus followers to testify of His mighty works, to practice ministering to those in need, and then have a sending out where we scatter to continue this work of ministry in our day to day lives. The Lord was saying to make a place for equipping and empowering believers whose desire was to be doers of the word, and not hearers only. It would be a missional community who understands they carry the presence of the Living God inside them, and who operates in His Power to see healing, signs, and wonders through the name of Jesus.  

Image by Enoch Appiah Jr.

Why We do what we do...

  • Our passion is for the transforming presence of God. Once someone meets God, they are never the same. 


  • Our yearning is for revival—to see hearts catch fire as the gospel is spread. 


  • Our vision is to be an inter-denominational ministry where all people of faith can gather to pursue Jesus and fulfill his Kingdom calling for their lives regardless of affiliation.


  • Our goal is to make disciples who make a difference by making God known.


To host a monthly gathering where all are welcome to encounter His presence.

To offer one-on-one prayer ministry for those needing breakthrough in their life.

To impact the community through healing clinics, hospital visits, and more.

To open an Equipping Center teaching healing, deliverance, evangelism, revival, and more.

For all involved to carry the Gospel to those they encounter day-to-day.

Apostolic Network of global awakening


Healing Encounters is under the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

(ANGA),  led by Dr. Randy Clark.

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